FCD4_20200814_104130.rsqmb: This is a measurement collected in an irrigation canal near Newcastle, Australia, by Xylem Application Engineer Daniel Wagenaar. The canal was about 12m wide and about 1m at its deepest. This measurement features the SonTek RTK solution (available soon).

Gator_20201124_RS5.rsqmb: This measurement was collected by the USGS at Gator Slough near Fort Myers, Florida (USA). This dataset used bottom-track only for its track reference at an 11m-wide stream that is 0.5m deep, and also includes an SMBA moving bed test.

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Interested in seeing actual data files collected by SonTek's new RS5? Download RSQ software to view the three sample sets provided in this 33MB .zip file to include:

01184000_20201028_122556.rsqmb: This is a measurement collected at the Connecticut River at Thompsonville by the USGS. It’s located in northern Connecticut (USA) and features a ~330m wide river that is about 4m at its maximum depth. This measurement incorporates the Geode DGPS solution and contains an SMBA moving bed test.