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YSI 5500D Multi Optical Dissolved Oxygen Continuous Monitor

Designed specifically for aquaculture systems, the YSI 5500D continuous monitor for dissolved oxygen streamlines monitoring and control. With YSI's optical DO technology you'll benefit from reduced costs, less maintenance and better data.

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The YSI 5500D Offers:

  • MultiDO monitor using optical DO technology; 1-4 DO probe inputs depending on model
  • Ethernet TCP/IP or wireless communications - optional
  • Event logging records calibrations, high and low conditions, and more
  • Conditional feed timer with Feed Smart software included
  • Networking capability up to 32 instruments per communications port or integration with 5200As and 5400s
  • Graphic interface function for quick, reliable system status with the use of AquaManager software
  • Plug-and-play...easy to install, setup and maintain; no need to hire consultants
  • Flexible control software
  • E-mail and SMS alarming
  • AquaViewer app available for easy access to data at any time

What you will win:

  • 5500D-AC (110-230 VAC) or 5500D-DC (12 VDC) single channel version
  • 62650-4 (4-meter cable and optical DO probe)

(Winner can upgrade their instrument to a 2- or 4-channel version and/or a longer DO cable. Credit will be applied to the upgrade based on the winning value and the winner would pay the difference. Drawing takes place in December.)