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YSI Titrators

Take 15% off all YSI Titrators!
Biochemistry Analyzers

With the purchase of an analyzer
you receive a 10% credit of your
purchase to use towards reagents.
OLM + Biochemistry Analyzer

This bundle features 15% off
an OLM and Biochemistry Analyzer.

Bundle includes any 2900 series Biochemistry Analyzer
with either a 2940 or 2980 OLM.
Biochemistry Analyzer + pH Meter

Receive a FREE pH meter with the
purchase of a 2900 or 2950D
Biochemistry Analyzer!
TOC Analyzers

Take 15% off 1030 TOC Analyzers!
GC Analyzers

Receive up to 25% off GC Sample Introduction Systems!

-25% off of water only GC Analyzers (4551A)
-15% off of soil GC Analyzers (4100)
ACA Analyzers

Take 20% off all ACA Systems!
YSI Titrator + Gerhardt Digestion

Take 20% off a YSI Titrator and a Gerhardt Digestion System.

-A standalone titrator with a low throughput digestion system
-An advanced titrator with a high throughput digestion system
Gerhardt Distillation System

Get 10% off a VAPODEST 500 by trading in your existing distillation system.
Bellingham + Stanley

Get 20% off an ADP450 Polarimeter with Peltier temperature control!
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Electrochemistry pH Bundle

Get 30% off with the purchase of a 4010-1 Electrochemistry Analyzer paired with a pH probe!
After submitting the form below*, the sales rep in your area will contact you to discuss your instrumentation needs and to complete your purchase using the promo(s) you wish to take advantage of.

*Offer valid thru December 15th, 2019. USA Only.
Bellingham + Stanley

Get 20% off a RFM340-M Refractometer when you upgrade your existing refractometer!