uk-tank-175x175.jpgSonTek ADCP Acoustic Workshop

Join us for a (free) one-day, hands-on learning experience in partnership with the University of Iowa's IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering.  See a selection of ADCP/ADVs used in a controlled flow environment at the IIHR Environmental Flume Facility, and learn more about SonTek's patented adaptive sampling technology SmartPulse. You will also learn how side-looking instrumentation has advanced over the years, and better understand the differences and advantages of vertically mounted ADCPs when used for flood monitoring and modelling.


8:30 am:  Check-in: 3655 Seamans Center, 103 South Capitol Street, Iowa City (Parking: 201 South Clinton St.)
9:00 am:  Welcome and Intro to IIHR –
Troy Lyons, Director, Director of Engineering Services, IIHR
9:15 am: Differences in Acoustics for Monitoring: The Nuts and Bolts for Advanced Applications in Research and Extreme Events – Janice Yasui, SonTek Product Mgr
10:00 am:  Break
10:15 am: Flood and Stormwater Integration: Big-picture Planning When you need both Flow and Water Quality Data – Mark Lynch, Xylem Analytics Technical Sales
10:45 am: Hysteresis in Streamflow Ratings Happens - What Do We Do About It? Dr. Marian Muste, IIHR Research Engineer
11:30 am:  Acoustic Doppler Profile Measurements for Calibration and Validation of Physical and Numerical Models Nate Young, Associate Director, Iowa Flood Center/IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering
Noon: Lunch courtesy of SonTek
1:00 pm: Instrument demonstration and lab tour:  IIHR Environmental Flume: 140 W. Harrison, Iowa City

  • ID the right instrument for your monitoring or research
  • Watch and understand how instruments adapt under different flow conditions
  • View ADCP data in-person under dynamic, changing conditions
  • Better understand what is happening with an instrument onsite, when you are viewing data remotely.

4:00 pm: Let’s chat! Optional private meetings (contact [email protected] to schedule).

•  Presenter and Staff Bios
Janice Yasui
 Product Manager
SonTek - Xylem
Dr. Marian Muste
Research Engineer
Nate Young
Associate Director
Iowa Flood Ctr/IIHR
Mark Lynch
Technical Sales
SonTek - Xylem
Thank you to our host!
Troy Lyons
Director of Eng. Services
Kevin Labbe
Technical Engineer
SonTek - Xylem
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