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Best Practices for Wastewater Process Monitoring of Ammonium and Nitrate with Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Sensors

Nitrogen monitoring is critical for process control of wastewater treatment. Ammonia and nitrate can be monitored directly with water quality instrumentation based on ion selective electrode (ISE) technology. The objective of this guide is to explain ISE technology for process monitoring of wastewater treatment and provide guidance on proper selection, commissioning, maintenance and operation of AmmoLyt, NitraLyt, and VARiON sensors that are part of the IQ SensorNet process monitoring system. The principles discussed are also applicable to competitors’ sensors, in general, although the design and operation of the sensors is specific to each brand.

Find out more: 

  • Why ammonia and nitrate monitoring is so critical
  • ISE sensor design and principle of operation
  • YSI IQ SensorNet ISE sensors
  • The matrix adjustment procedure
  • Interpretation and display of ammonia and nitrate measurements
  • And loads of tips on getting good data with ISEs!

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