How to Control Denitrification Using Online Nitrate Sensors

'How to Control Denitrification Using Online Nitrate Sensors' delves into the concept of online monitoring and control in wastewater facilities. The focus of this white paper is the use of online instrumentation for control of the denitrification process.

Nutrient removal from wastewater is an increasingly common requirement for water resource recovery facilities (WRRF) and nitrogen and phosphorus are the nutrients being targeted.  Utilities are being motivated to remove as much nitrogen as possible to comply with mass loading limits or even to earn credits that can be sold to other utilities. 

Online monitoring of the nitrate concentration at critical locations provides information to achieve three objectives for the denitrification control system.


  1. Maximize nitrogen removal
  2. Minimize aeration costs
  3. Minimize external carbon 

The best strategy for a facility must take into consideration several factors including the characteristics of the wastewater, discharge limits, and the treatment process. Let our white paper help you. Download for free now!

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