Title: Saving Energy with Ammonia Control at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Date: June 17th (Thurs), 2021
Time: 2:00pm  (SGP) 
Presenter: Dr. Tao Su
Language: English


Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) play a key role in protecting natural water bodies, however they are also one of the largest energy consumers in most countries. Many investigations have been made into energy-saving in WWTPs, but transformation on aeration control systems are the most efficient and economical. Based on the studies in Japan, energy savings of approximately 20% can be achieved by using an ammonia control system compared with the current dissolved oxygen control system.

Dr. Tao Su will be discussing the following points:

  • What we can do to save energy in WWTPs
  • The current DO control system of aeration
  • The principles of energy-saving by ammonia control system
  • Successful cases in which ammonia control systems are being used

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Meet the Presenter:

Dr. Tao Su

Dr. Tao Su, Xylem Product Manager. Responsible for product sales and promotion of WTW online products throughout North Asia. Dr. Tao has been with Xylem for 3 years and has a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of Tokyo.  

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