Getting the Waste Out of Wastewater

The term 'wastwater' is a misnomer. It is more accurate to call it - water dispensed from a tap and used for drinking, hygiene, recreation, and industrial uses, and then returned through the drain - resource water because of all the useful embedded resources.

This application note highlights 'resource water' technologies as well as industry challenges and solutions shared by a wastewater treatment plant in Indiana, USA.

  • Aeration technology
  • Automated DO control
  • Achieving energy and cost savings
  • Process monitoring and control
  • Xylem solutions with
    Sanitaire and WTW instrumentation
WTW offers the most comprehensive program of high-quality measuring devices for water analysis in the world . Their reliability, operational safety and versatility have made WTW's products a worldwide industry standard.
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Getting the Waste Out of Wastewater