Don’t miss this training opportunity for customers who will monitor harmful algal blooms (HABs) using YSI’s sensor technologies.

In this webinar, we will provide a foundational understanding of YSI Total Algae sensors, including how to calibrate them, which units to use, and how to interpret data gathered with the sensors. This webinar will be especially useful for new users and users transitioning from our legacy 6-series to our EXO and ProDSS platforms.

Join Dr. Stephanie A. Smith, on April 26th at 2:00pm (EDT) as she explains the importance of early detection as well as the latest and greatest tools to monitor for HABs.

Register for the live webinar, and you’ll learn:

Using algal pigments for early HAB detection

6-series chlorophyll and BGA vs. the new Total Algae (TAL) sensors

Calibration with Rhadamine WT

Choosing the right units

The new cells/mL tool in KorEXO software

Real-world data examples and challenges
YSI Product Manager
With a diverse background rooted in scientific training, Dr. Smith has spent her career following her interests related to blue-green algae science and water quality. Take advantage of her expertise in this HAB webinar.
As a YSI webinar veteran, Brandon Smith will be available during the live event to manage your questions for Dr. Smith and ensure that you don’t miss a moment of HAB knowledge.
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